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Beacon Insurance's Tips to Help Avoid Home Claims

  • Be sure sidewalks/driveways are well maintained (no cracks or lifting).

  • Clean debris from gutters.

  • Remove snow from roof to avoid ice dams.

  • Be aware of the condition of your roof/home. 

  • Trim/remove damaged or dead trees. 

  • Have furnace/fireplaces cleaned at least once a year. 

  • Turn off outside water when temperatures begin to get cold.

  • Higher deductibles (eliminate small claims). 

  • Make sure batteries in smoke detectors are new.

  • Do NOT use broken electrical cords.

  • Do NOT leave flammable items by an open fire.

  • Lock your doors and windows to help avoid burglary.

  • Do not leave candles unsupervised.

  • Clean lint from dryer.

  • Replace loose or missing handrails.

  • Repair irregular or damaged steps.

  • Store hot ash away from home in metal container with lid.

  • If going on vacation/secondary home, leave heat on no less than 55 degrees (F) to avoid frozen pipes.

  • Do not post vacations on social media to help avoid burglary.  

  • Shut off main water if going away for an extended period of time.

  • Do NOT overload outlets with too many plugs.

  • Keep grills away from siding.

  • Keep heat at least 64 degrees (F) after consecutive cold days.

  • Do NOT store items on top of stove, cook top or in oven.

In the event of a claim either at fault or not at fault, your agent should be the first person contacted so that we can properly forward the necessary information to the insurance company. Let us provide you the customer service you deserve! 

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