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In the event that a hurricane hits, homeowners are often left wondering what steps they should take to ensure that they and their loved ones remain safe. When severe weather threatens a home, follow these emergency tips: 

  • Make sure cell phones are fully charged.

  • If you have time, take a detailed inventory of your valuables, including photos or video of possessions that might be lost or damaged.

  • Plan how to communicate with friends and family if you lose power, and notify contacts in safe areas of your whereabouts.

  • Ensure that you have a list of important contacts handy, including those for family members, neighbors, insurance company contact info and emergency numbers.

  • Take shelter in an interior room away from windows or glass doors.

  • Listen to the radio for weather-related updates, emergency alerts and evacuation orders.

  • If you are instructed to evacuate, do so quickly and safely. Have an emergency evacuation plan in place for both people and pets, and be sure to bring along all important documents.

  • Once the storm has passed, be aware of flood warnings, damaged power lines and scattered debris.  

  • Check food for spoilage, and boil municipal drinking water, if necessary.

If you should experience damage to your home, please contact us at (203) 467-7064 and we will help you with the procedures of claim processing.  Let us work for you.

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